…. and probably 10:10 in the evening when our beloved Cheeky, our pet dog,  passed away. I could not say any other words but I’d like to thank him for giving us a unique kind of friendship and joy  that we could never forget. May his soul rest in peace.

We will miss you Cheeky… Send our regards to Taochi and Bugoy… 

Cheeky Cheeky with my sister, Jeia


  1. my dog was stolen too. I'm strugling big time.

  2. I was so sad when my puppy Daffodil died more than 2 years ago. I know the feeling...

  3. I lost my puppy two years ago when she was left outside the gate and run over by a car...I know the feeling

  4. i will miss cheeky! :(

  5. thanks amie.... I miss our dog

    @ jean: Louy cheeky... pero tiguwang na man pud kau sya gud


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