After my woes expressed through my previous post I think it’s time to get up and celebrate life. There are many things that need to celebrate. “Count your blessings” as the old adage says. But there are two major major things that I would like to celebrate today.

First, my mother finally has her own blog site, “Living A Life of Abundance”. I’ve been telling her countless times of creating her own blog. I know it would really be a great way for her to enjoy her idle time at home since she’s now retired. Now, she’s exuberant about her blog and hopefully become addicted like me. LOL…

Another thing to celebrate is that I got my first pay out from clixsense. I’m very much thankful to my clixsense team for giving me three referrals in less than a month. Thanks team!

Clixsense Payment_thumb[7]


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