Monitoring Your Kids’ Internet Usage

Life without internet is difficult. Well I admit I’m a slave of internet. That’s why I’m begging to all internet providers to please improve the internet speed and capacity at our area. If they only knew the number of customers they can get from our area then they’d probably be speeding up to our place.

My sister and I are planning to subscribe for internet connection. Her children need it especially in researching. You know we are living in an  e-Generation and library seems a strange place to many.

Speaking of internet usage at home, there are many things that needs to consider and agreed between the children and the parent, for example duration of usage of internet and sites that are forbidden. Well we can block sites but admit it kids now a day are wiser and can still manage to visit sites that are blocked. That’s why as parent, you need to closely monitor your kids’ activity in the internet. It doesn’t mean you have to be there, you only need a device to help you monitor the activities done in the computer just like a key logger. All you need is install the software that has the ability to capture the activities done in a certain computer without the knowledge of your kids that he’s being monitored. The device can capture up to 10, 0000 screenshots down to intervals of every 3 seconds. For more information about this device and search for more techy gadgets you can visit www.


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