Fashion with Nurse Scrubs

Nurses has come into its fashion sense when they tried and explore other colors for nursing scrubs. Before we can only see plane white scrubs. Perhaps they got bored with it and tried other colors that suits there area of assignment or just for fun and fashion. I asked my boyfriend, a nurse, if whether there is a color coding in the hospital because I can see nurses wearing scrubs in different color. He told me that color has nothing to do with area of assignment. It’s up to the hospital if they required a specific uniform for a certain area. For example, nurses who are assigned in pediatrics usually wear printed scrub tops that are colorful and childish in a sense.



Photos from Blue Sky Scrubs


You can buy these scrubs in different colors in mall. Usually the printed one, pink, blue and white. If you’re tired with these colors you can visit blue sky scrubs that offers over fifteen different solid colors such as chocolate, lilac and navy blue, to name just a few. They also sell printed caps that you can hardly tell it’s used as part of nurse uniform. The colors and designs of fabrics are neat, classy and fashionable.

Personally, I’m eyeing with the navy blue scrub set for my boyfriend. I know the color fits well with his skin complexion.


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