Close Up Photography

My mother always says, “There is beauty in everything.” I agree with her, some are unnoticeable, others are striking. Perhaps you can easily judge the looks at first glance. But have you tried to stop and look cautiously at the things you mostly ignored? Just like the unwanted weeds growing in your garden, try to focus on it, then you’ll discover the uniqueness and daintiness of it.

Thanks to the birth of hi-tech photography. The beauties that are mostly overlooked by our naked eyes can be highly appreciated through pictures, captured through the lens of the camera. However, close up shooting of an object needs to be learned, it requires expertise and knowledge. So if you are into photography and have interest on close-up pictures why not learn some technique. Do research about it. I’m sure in just one click of your mouse your screen will be flooded by suggested websites and articles.

I myself was into photography since I became a blog addict. But I’m using my mobile phone with built in camera. Having a digital camera of my own remains a goal ‘till I will raise enough money for it. Anyway, my sister was unable to keep her surprise; she already bought one for me. Yepey!!!! Thanks Jeia! So, while waiting for the package, I am now researching on photograph techniques. It just good I stumbled into an article that is very comprehensive to a newbie photographer like me.


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