Labor Day Jobs Fair

I’m desperately looking for a job. So when I heard that the DOLE will hold a three day Job Fair I immediately reviewed my resume and prepared myself for the possible interview questions. 

May 1 (day 1 of Job Fair) - When I arrived at Gaisano Mall of Davao around 9:30 am, where the Job Fair was held, it was still close but was already crowded with different applicants holding their resumes and other requirements. They were busy filling up forms which were given by a DOLE representative. So I just go with the flow, get the necessary forms and filled them up.

Applicants outside Gaisano Mall

When Gaisano finally opened around 10:00 am, applicants were racing to the venue (Gaisano Atrium). I never thought they were as desperate as that, “Why run?” I thought.

In one side of the atrium, a huge tarpaulin with the job list (local and abroad) was posted. So like other job fair we have to list all the jobs that we are qualified to apply. They called it job shopping. I tell you it wasn’t that easy, the atrium was jam-packed with desperate applicants all wanted to finish earlier or perhaps because they wanted to be interviewed first by the employer. By the way this shopping list serves as our passport to enter the main venue of Job Fair where employers waiting for the applicants.

Job shopping at the Atrium

So after doing the job shopping, I went straight to the comfort room to fix myself, of course I have to look presentable when facing my interviewer and besides I have to get some air. 

Feeling so prepared I go straight to the main venue and handed my shopping list to the guard, but only to find out it needs to be validated by the DOLE representatives. Meaning I have to fall in line again. I was bit disappointed so I decided I will just return on the following day.

The Job Fair venue

May 2 – this time Gaisano Atrium was not as crowded as the other day. I was able to make my shopping list validated without falling in line.

Finally I was able to submit my resumes, but like what I expected the employers will just give you instructions (not really an interview) and say they will just call you after reviewing your resume.  

Truly, my Labor Day celebration was laborious day for applying for a better job…. Anyway, I will wait for their call….


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