A Letter for My Mother

Dear Mama,

When I feel so disappointed and keep on nagging on how much I despised my job, you were there ever ready to absorb all my anxieties and you gave me sermons which sometimes irritated me because I feel it wouldn’t help me at all. Then you say sorry for hurting me… And each time I heard your sorry it tear my heart apart, I felt guilt and realized you were right.

You were so full of wisdom, maybe because of your very colorful life story and all tough experiences you’ve gone through. Making you a very firm woman you are right now.

You have reached out many lives. Sometimes I wonder if you have leaved something for yourself. And you always say God will provide. 

You are very God centered. That’s why I feel so safe and secure when we’re together, especially when we’re traveling. Perhaps because you always bring with you your rosary and you pray a lot while travelling.

Ma, you are a complete package sent to us by God. I thank you for all the things you’ve done to us.  

Happy Mother's day ma!!! I love you so much…..


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