My Scents

I haven’t purchase a perfume in my entire life because it’s quiet expensive. I only owned once, a TOMMY HILFIGER Girl Perfume, given to me by my uncle (a seaman). It was introduced in 2002 and is known for its fresh marine-like aroma. I personally love its zesty, real carefree and youthful fragrance. 

But usually I wear baby cologne. I don’t have actually my own favorite cologne. But the longest cologne I use is the Baby Bench Cologne Popsicle. I think I use it more than five years. It’s my official baby cologne when I was in college. My classmates can easily recognize me with my smell (LOL). I love the refreshing smell of this cologne and its long lasting fragrance.

Currently, I am searching for a new cologne or perfume perhaps. Something that is refreshing, invigorating, and sweet and of course something that will give me a long lasting fragrance. Perhaps I'll try this new perfume store and start scent- searching.

And oohh!!! Father's Day is fast approaching, I think it's very timing to visit this new perfume store, and look for a perfume for my father. By the way he is a perfume/cologne addict (LOL). 


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