Bored. Lifeless. Dull

Overwhelmed Office Worker She’s sitting on her old gray swivel chair. Staring blankly on the black monitor of her computer. Piles are towering on her dreary table. Not touching any single documents.

As usual her long wavy hair is dry, frizzy, and unmanageable; in either in ponytail or half-moon style. The familiar lifeless face… with trace of not having a good night sleep; eye bags puffing. Skin so pale, wearing only powder and light pink lipstick; you can hardly tell she puts lipstick.

She smiles, yet the windows of her soul, her pair of sad eye, speaks clearly what’s inside her. I know she’s not happy. She’s confused and helpless. I hope I can help her… I’ve tried a lot of ways just to motivate her. She’s been coping from her mistakes, she had travelled a very long miles; I thought she’s okay, but her old dilemma seems coming back…

I know she’ll be okay… And I do hope the mirror I’m facing right now is just deceiving me…

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  1. i've come to that phase a zillion time, only realizing that there's more to life than sulking.
    i hope i've spiced up ur life a bit:)))

  2. Thanks Imriz for Spicing up my life.

  3. nice post...though, i hope you'll be ok soon!!!

    brighten up dear, life is way too beautiful to let pass. be happy you're a part of it.

    hope to see you again soon...and would love to receive COMMENTS from you too (not just a msg fr my cb pls wink!) =0
    life round meNyou

  4. Thanks Jenie. I feel better this time. Thanks for spicing up my life


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