Wall Clock

I was browsing the internet this morning and was struck with this question, “Have you ever owned or wanted one?” It’s about a wall clock

Since child I cannot remember a wall clock hanged in our wall. I don’t know why my parents didn’t buy. I think it’s not their priority, although there are many cheap wall clocks in the market.

Wall Clock

But I can remember once, when we were strolling in a shopping center, my father said that he wanted to purchase a wall clock. He wants the big wall clock; the antique-look whose weights and pendulums dangled and swung, and was cased inside a hardwood cabinet. The type of wall clock that is always featured in horror stories, which its ticks can be heard in the whole house no matter how big your house is. And when the hour hand strikes to 12 it will give you 12 loud signals warning you that it’s midnight and monsters are coming out. LOL...

I may be exaggerated. But if you’d ask me if I’ll agree with my father, I think I would definitely say yes. I love antiques. But I want to purchase one that is not too big. Anyway there are many modernized wall clock similar to the antique clock that my father would like to buy with size just enough for our house.


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