My Type of Smell

organic-rose-cologneI’m not conscious of my smell when I was in high school. Mama taught us to live simply and live within our means. Besides I am not exposed to those “girl-thing necessities” since we live in a remote area. It was only when I was in college when I learned to use colognes. Peer pressure I think.

While everybody is using the expensive perfumes, I, on the other hand is using the simple sweet smell of Bench cologne or any cheap colognes. I didn’t mind wearing cheap cologne or wearing it in my entire college days as long as I smell good then there’s no big deal about my cheap smell.

As I grow older and exposed to what a girl should have, should look, should smell, I became more conscious and pickier when it comes to smell. It should be sweet and lasting; something soothing and invigorating; just like the scent of a rose - romantic and uplifting.

Although there are thousands of perfumes out there with sweet smell but nothing can beat the innate smell of a natural scent like the organic rose scent that is made 100% natural essential oils that embodies the true scent of roses.


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