Red Color: Affects Cognitive Skills

“If you are talking about wanting enhances memory for something like proof reading skills, then a red color should be used.”

This is according to Dr. Juliet Zhu of University of British Columbia who led the study on 600 people to see whether the color red affected their cognitive performance. According to the result of the study red groups did better on test of recall and attention to detail, like remembering words or checking spelling and punctuation.

Red Doll Shoes When I took the licensure exam for teachers last April 18, I wear my favorite red doll shoes, not for luck but for comfort. If the study is true then I guess it helps coz I’m not good in memorization and not an observant that sometimes I miss what the question really is. I don’t know but during the exam I am so keen with the details of every questions; making sure that I understand what it means and what it asks. Perhaps the red pair of shoe affects my cognitive skills…. or perhaps I’m destined to pass the exam. Whatever the reason is; I think my review, stored knowledge, prayer and including the red shoes sum up the key reasons why I passed the exam.

And oh! I used my favorite red bag that day too… Not for luck but just to go along with my red shoes…

red bag


P.S. Red doll shoes and red bag are from my sister Jeia


Source: Color Your World Red by Mylene Mendoza-Dayrit, Health and Family Section, the Philippine Star, September21, 2010.


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