The “ber” months has started… this means Christmas are fast approaching… but before that big event, kids and parents are also looking forward to the Halloween party. When I was a kid I was really fascinated with the different Halloween costumes they wear. It started when I saw the movie “Hocus Pocus” (1993) a Halloween themed fantasy film. It’s one of my favorites! How I wish we also have the treat and trick in our place. Probably I wear a costume of a princess… LOLz.


Scene from “Hocus Pocus”

Nowadays, Filipinos do have the treat or trick initiated by shopping centers. I first experience the Halloween trick or treat at SM Cebu five years ago when I attended the review for ECE board exam. Kids look adorable with their costumes and make-ups. You can really see through their gleaming eyes the excitement and horrified look when they encounter scary costumes. But the most excited ones are the parents. Sort of back subject… haha…

Davao city shopping centers eventually followed. I think they started two years ago. Sadly I’m old enough to join. LOL… It’s for kids. So probably if I’ll have my own kid/s I would really let her/him join the treat and tricks. If girl then probably a fairy tale character and if boy maybe the Joker costumes… LOL…


  1. I have to say, Hocus Pocus is one of my favorite movies! I used to watch it repeatedly when I was younger. I was fascinated with witches! Another nice witch movie is Witches of Eastwick. :)

  2. @ Toni: I haven't watch the Witches of Eastwick I might look for a DVD copy of it and watch this weekend


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