Loaded with Fruits

It’s harvest time!

I might be late in posting these pics of fruits… Quiet busy doing my projects. Anyway, it’s still September I think the season of fruits has not yet ended. Because I can still see lots of my favorite fruits in the market with very low price ever. As far as I know, it’s between the month of July to October where fruits flooded anywhere.

Just like the succulent lansoses fruits. We’re lucky because we have a tree of lansones at our backyard. And where able to harvest more or less two crates of it. But this fruit is high in uric acid that’s why it’s better to eat moderately.

lanzones tree DSC09504


Rambutan – we also have a tree of it. Unfortunately it only bore few fruits this year. It’s already more than a decade old. My cousin who has three trees of rambutans gave us this red hairy fruit to fill our fruit basket.


Marang – another favorite fruit of mine. It’s like a microphone. A BIG green microphone… LOL… the inside of a marang fruit is a cluster of seeds covered with white flesh. It’s sweet and delicious. This reminds me of my Lola. She has several trees of marang and we always had a great harvest of it. Too bad her land was converted into banana plantation now.

marang DSC09465


Purple fruit?… hmmm… Mangosteen! A fruit that is advertise as a good supplements and was proven [?] to cure diseases. Brace yourself because the price of this medicinal purple fruit that usually ranges Php 200 to 400 when not in season is now Php 20 to 35 per kilo ONLY… Lowest price ever this year…


I was intrigued with this cute purplish round fruits sold in the market of Bankerohan. Due to curiosity I bought one kilo of it. Anyway Php20.00 is not expensive at all. They called it black berry, Philippine black berry. Unfortunately we do not like the taste of it; sour and “aplod”.. Aplod? I don’t know the English of it. LOL..  “Aplod” is “Astringent” – according to binisaya.com. LOL…


Of course my favorite devilish food, the smell-so-bad-OH!-so-yummy fruit – Durian. It’s very cheap these days; pricing as low as Php 20.00 per kilo. When it’s not in its season the cost ranges from Php 80.00 to 100.00 per kilo. But to those who love this, just eat enough for your craving because it’s rich in cholesterol. Not good for those who are high blood.

Flesh of Durian Fruit_thumb[7]


  1. wow..mga mahal ang prutas na iyan..mahal ang benta..masarap..

  2. @ Arvin: Ang daming prutas nagyong season na to. Super mura pa

  3. Hey, nice details of the fruits. Some of common ones as we find in Assam,India,my homeland. http://all-mixed.blogspot.com/2009/08/fruits-and-vegetables-of-assam.html

  4. @ Jadu Saika: which one? Hope to see and taste fruits from your place.


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