Monday, September 27, 2010

Bored. Lifeless. Dull

Overwhelmed Office Worker She’s sitting on her old gray swivel chair. Staring blankly on the black monitor of her computer. Piles are towering on her dreary table. Not touching any single documents.

As usual her long wavy hair is dry, frizzy, and unmanageable; in either in ponytail or half-moon style. The familiar lifeless face… with trace of not having a good night sleep; eye bags puffing. Skin so pale, wearing only powder and light pink lipstick; you can hardly tell she puts lipstick.

She smiles, yet the windows of her soul, her pair of sad eye, speaks clearly what’s inside her. I know she’s not happy. She’s confused and helpless. I hope I can help her… I’ve tried a lot of ways just to motivate her. She’s been coping from her mistakes, she had travelled a very long miles; I thought she’s okay, but her old dilemma seems coming back…

I know she’ll be okay… And I do hope the mirror I’m facing right now is just deceiving me…

(Photo from google)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Choosing Halloween Costumes

Halloween is fast approaching. I bet you are now planning what to wear on that fun and festive day. Of course you want to look fabulous coz that big event happens once a year yet you’ll be remembered all throughout the year when you wear the most spectacular dress. With the birth of social networks your pictures can easily be uploaded and published. With your stunning costume everyone would like to see it frequently especially if Halloween is approaching. And you became an instant model!

Halloween Picture grabbed from my sister’s facebook photos

Choosing what to wear on Halloween party is not easy. With the different character that you want to imitate, it could be confusing. But I suggest you think out of the box, not just imitate characters, not just wearing masks… it’s high time to showcase your sense of fashion. Mix and match dresses and accessories then you’ll eventually find the right costume for that big day. Just be creative! That’s why it’s advisable that as early as today you have to plan what Halloween costume you will wear.

But if you have no time or costumes are not really a big deal to you then you can just choose a simple Halloween costume. There are many fancy dress costumes that are fun to wear and readily available. Just use a little creativity to enhance its beauty.

Red Color: Affects Cognitive Skills

“If you are talking about wanting enhances memory for something like proof reading skills, then a red color should be used.”

This is according to Dr. Juliet Zhu of University of British Columbia who led the study on 600 people to see whether the color red affected their cognitive performance. According to the result of the study red groups did better on test of recall and attention to detail, like remembering words or checking spelling and punctuation.

Red Doll Shoes When I took the licensure exam for teachers last April 18, I wear my favorite red doll shoes, not for luck but for comfort. If the study is true then I guess it helps coz I’m not good in memorization and not an observant that sometimes I miss what the question really is. I don’t know but during the exam I am so keen with the details of every questions; making sure that I understand what it means and what it asks. Perhaps the red pair of shoe affects my cognitive skills…. or perhaps I’m destined to pass the exam. Whatever the reason is; I think my review, stored knowledge, prayer and including the red shoes sum up the key reasons why I passed the exam.

And oh! I used my favorite red bag that day too… Not for luck but just to go along with my red shoes…

red bag


P.S. Red doll shoes and red bag are from my sister Jeia


Source: Color Your World Red by Mylene Mendoza-Dayrit, Health and Family Section, the Philippine Star, September21, 2010.

Friday, September 17, 2010

My Type of Smell

organic-rose-cologneI’m not conscious of my smell when I was in high school. Mama taught us to live simply and live within our means. Besides I am not exposed to those “girl-thing necessities” since we live in a remote area. It was only when I was in college when I learned to use colognes. Peer pressure I think.

While everybody is using the expensive perfumes, I, on the other hand is using the simple sweet smell of Bench cologne or any cheap colognes. I didn’t mind wearing cheap cologne or wearing it in my entire college days as long as I smell good then there’s no big deal about my cheap smell.

As I grow older and exposed to what a girl should have, should look, should smell, I became more conscious and pickier when it comes to smell. It should be sweet and lasting; something soothing and invigorating; just like the scent of a rose - romantic and uplifting.

Although there are thousands of perfumes out there with sweet smell but nothing can beat the innate smell of a natural scent like the organic rose scent that is made 100% natural essential oils that embodies the true scent of roses.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Our Source of Joy

It’s been four years since the last time we had a baby in our house. That’s why when Hannah Grace was born last February 1 this year, everybody was super duper excited. She brings so much joy to us…. especially when she shows her toothless smile…

Hannah Grace2 Taken during her christening last August 29

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wall Clock

I was browsing the internet this morning and was struck with this question, “Have you ever owned or wanted one?” It’s about a wall clock

Since child I cannot remember a wall clock hanged in our wall. I don’t know why my parents didn’t buy. I think it’s not their priority, although there are many cheap wall clocks in the market.

Wall Clock

But I can remember once, when we were strolling in a shopping center, my father said that he wanted to purchase a wall clock. He wants the big wall clock; the antique-look whose weights and pendulums dangled and swung, and was cased inside a hardwood cabinet. The type of wall clock that is always featured in horror stories, which its ticks can be heard in the whole house no matter how big your house is. And when the hour hand strikes to 12 it will give you 12 loud signals warning you that it’s midnight and monsters are coming out. LOL...

I may be exaggerated. But if you’d ask me if I’ll agree with my father, I think I would definitely say yes. I love antiques. But I want to purchase one that is not too big. Anyway there are many modernized wall clock similar to the antique clock that my father would like to buy with size just enough for our house.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Loaded with Fruits

It’s harvest time!

I might be late in posting these pics of fruits… Quiet busy doing my projects. Anyway, it’s still September I think the season of fruits has not yet ended. Because I can still see lots of my favorite fruits in the market with very low price ever. As far as I know, it’s between the month of July to October where fruits flooded anywhere.

Just like the succulent lansoses fruits. We’re lucky because we have a tree of lansones at our backyard. And where able to harvest more or less two crates of it. But this fruit is high in uric acid that’s why it’s better to eat moderately.

lanzones tree DSC09504


Rambutan – we also have a tree of it. Unfortunately it only bore few fruits this year. It’s already more than a decade old. My cousin who has three trees of rambutans gave us this red hairy fruit to fill our fruit basket.


Marang – another favorite fruit of mine. It’s like a microphone. A BIG green microphone… LOL… the inside of a marang fruit is a cluster of seeds covered with white flesh. It’s sweet and delicious. This reminds me of my Lola. She has several trees of marang and we always had a great harvest of it. Too bad her land was converted into banana plantation now.

marang DSC09465


Purple fruit?… hmmm… Mangosteen! A fruit that is advertise as a good supplements and was proven [?] to cure diseases. Brace yourself because the price of this medicinal purple fruit that usually ranges Php 200 to 400 when not in season is now Php 20 to 35 per kilo ONLY… Lowest price ever this year…


I was intrigued with this cute purplish round fruits sold in the market of Bankerohan. Due to curiosity I bought one kilo of it. Anyway Php20.00 is not expensive at all. They called it black berry, Philippine black berry. Unfortunately we do not like the taste of it; sour and “aplod”.. Aplod? I don’t know the English of it. LOL..  “Aplod” is “Astringent” – according to LOL…


Of course my favorite devilish food, the smell-so-bad-OH!-so-yummy fruit – Durian. It’s very cheap these days; pricing as low as Php 20.00 per kilo. When it’s not in its season the cost ranges from Php 80.00 to 100.00 per kilo. But to those who love this, just eat enough for your craving because it’s rich in cholesterol. Not good for those who are high blood.

Flesh of Durian Fruit_thumb[7]

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance plays a great role in our lives. It It’s a security that whatever happens to us along the road there is a group that will help us with our needs. Remember we are always at risk when we are in the road no matter how safe the way is, or even you got the best car and best driver. It’s important to be always prepared. We cannot tell what lies ahead. Sad to note that many of us ignore the importance of it; many says it’s a waste of money. We only realize the value of it when something happens.


In some countries, in order to drive legally, one should purchase some kind of insurance company. It secures not only your car, but also you and your passengers.

There are many insurance companies that you may want to enroll for car insurance. The coverage of auto insurance maybe quiet complex thus you really have to understand it well so that you’ll know what you are paying. If you got car insurance questions you can search about it in the internet. There are thousands of articles and blogs about it that answers to common coverage faqs, which is some of these articles are link to government websites that provides you valuable information for you to obtain the proper protection as motorist.

It is wise to be well informed about auto ins info. This will help you guided and educated not just the benefits of auto insurance but also the laws and requirements you needed as well as the cost of policies, rate quotes and level of protection. Remember Ignorance excuses no one.

If you love yourself and your family, if you value lives and if you want to get protected and secure then it is highly recommended to get your car insured.



(photo from Google)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


The “ber” months has started… this means Christmas are fast approaching… but before that big event, kids and parents are also looking forward to the Halloween party. When I was a kid I was really fascinated with the different Halloween costumes they wear. It started when I saw the movie “Hocus Pocus” (1993) a Halloween themed fantasy film. It’s one of my favorites! How I wish we also have the treat and trick in our place. Probably I wear a costume of a princess… LOLz.


Scene from “Hocus Pocus”

Nowadays, Filipinos do have the treat or trick initiated by shopping centers. I first experience the Halloween trick or treat at SM Cebu five years ago when I attended the review for ECE board exam. Kids look adorable with their costumes and make-ups. You can really see through their gleaming eyes the excitement and horrified look when they encounter scary costumes. But the most excited ones are the parents. Sort of back subject… haha…

Davao city shopping centers eventually followed. I think they started two years ago. Sadly I’m old enough to join. LOL… It’s for kids. So probably if I’ll have my own kid/s I would really let her/him join the treat and tricks. If girl then probably a fairy tale character and if boy maybe the Joker costumes… LOL…

Monday, September 6, 2010

A(H1N1) Vaccine

I was injected with A (H1N1) vaccine this afternoon. It was a free immunization administered by the Health and Nutrition section of our office. Although the needle looked scary but it’s not painful at all; just like the usual and old phrase from a doctor or nurse “it’s like a bite of an ant”. LOLz…

A(H1N1) Vaccine

Except that I experienced numbness on my left hand (where the shot was injected). I think it’s an after effect. That’s why we were advised to relax for 15 minutes before going back to our work station.

I remember we were all alarmed on this viral infection, Influenza A(H1N1), last year because it caused death. Masks and vitamin C was in demand at that time and classes and works were suspended.

Although it’s not currently in the limelight of the media and no current cases of this viral infection it still better if we’re prepared and immunized. Prevention is still better than cure. But before having it better consult a doctor first because it not good for those who are hypertensive, allergic to any foods and medicines, has seizure disorder and having fever.


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