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Online shopping is very “in” today. You can find clothes, eyewear, accessories, gadgets, etc.…. Sky is the limit. If you look at the different items without thinking of budget you might overspend. But isn’t it disappointing that when you try it, only to find out that it doesn’t fit you well? What a waste of money!

Zenni Optical has come into its initiative to make its customer the feeling of shopping and try their product. No, I didn’t mean they’ll send the product right at your doorstep but it’s actually done online by simple uploading your photo (approximately 280 x 280 pixels), then click the try button of every product. You can compare your looks wearing different eyeglasses. You’ll be given the idea what frames, color, design that fits the shape of your face. You can try on all frames and share it on FB and have your friends decide which eyeglasses you look good. Surely it would be a wonderful idea of having them participating in choosing your eyeglasses.

I believe, prescription eyeglasses should not just merely use to address the needs of your eyes but also eyeglasses that is designed for you. Don’t sacrifice your look with the wrong eyeglasses design. Visit Zenni Optical to see the affordable eyeglasses that come in various design and try.


  1. I like the second glasses image most on you.. Thanks for stopping by my blog and thank you sooo much for voting.. we should keep in touch :)

  2. @Hani: Yes I love the second one....

    I love your crafts, that's why I always visit your blog...

    Good luck Han!

  3. hi..sa blog ko ay naroon din ang dalawang online store ng nag inspire sa akin mag blog..makita mo sa side bar.......i hope makita mo..

  4. second image looks great on you...:)

  5. @Arvin and Dhemz.. Thanks for droppin


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