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I’m addicted to blog contest lately. I thought, ‘why not grab all the opportunities to win those free stuffs’… I don’t care if I’ll win or lose…. Anyway, it’s just for fun…

Speaking of fun, here’s the first fun blog contest of One winner of $25 and two winners of $10 via PayPal will be drawn through

It’s very easy to join. Visit My First Fun Blog Contest for more details…


1. Fitflops Sandals Review

2. Best Shoes for CAN and Nurses

3. Women’s Shape-up Shoes

4. The Backpackman

5. Blogging Achieved Goals


  1. Hi Yan! Yup, nag apply akong hubby for permanent residents sa Canada. Toronto mi, God-willing, if ma-approve, this year or next year siguro. unta noh? kay wala ta nagkita sa davao, so sa Canada na ta magkita... hahaha! Good luck and God bless to us!

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    Hands Full of Life
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