How Would You Like Your Flooring Done?

Flooring adds up to the beauty of the interior of the house. That’s why it’s wise to carefully plan what type of flooring you want to have and have it installed by expert. There are various flooring you can choose from: tile, granite, ceramic, vinyl, hardwood or carpeted flooring.

I remember the flooring of our house, before it was renovated five years ago; it was purely cemented - red cement actually. Daily we have to scrub it to make it shine and apply wax at least once a week. It’s really tiresome scrubbing the floor from the kitchen, living room, bedrooms and the porch. Not to mention that we have a pet dog at that time, that when it rains it really mess up the floor especially the porch. Good thing my parent decided to have a Tile Floor when our house was renovated.

Personally, I want the hardwood flooring because it brings me closer to the nature; looking and feeling the texture of it. But like the cemented floor it requires waxing and scrubbing. Actually the flooring of my room was made of hardwood. But my father painted it red thus I cannot see the beauty of the grains of the woods.

Carpeted floor is also good. This is ideal in our library. The fabrics make the room less susceptible from noise. The only disadvantage is that it can easily accumulate dusts.

The very practical flooring, for me, is the granite, ceramic, tile or the vinyl flooring. However, when you go for this kind of flooring you have to decide for the color, the design and size of tiles and if you’ll go for granite then consider its texture. This could be a daunting task but you can seek for a help from experts or you do some research and compare.

How about you? How would you like your flooring done?


  1. hi yan! kami, i regret having our floors in tiles, we should have bought the granite tiles kay ang among bata, sige lang panglabay sa iyang mga toys and daghan na buak ang ceramic tiles... huhuhuhu... anyways, about sa Green Monday meme, you can join here next week.

    yeah, the logo is really not clickable, you just have to copy paste it from the website. sige, hope to see you next monday! thanks for the visit!

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  2. tama gyud Pinx, mas okay ang granite kay ang ceramic tiles kay dali mabuak.

    I think I need to join memes to boost my rank and trafiic as well. I'll check the site.

    Thanks Pinx


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