Monday, April 18, 2011

Vegetables at our Backyard

Everything seems getting expensive; even leafy vegetables. Imagine a bundle of alugbati cost Php 10.00 which only cost 5.00 last month! Whoa! That’s 100 percent increased.

Because of that my mother decided to have a plot of different vegetables at our backyard: Alugbati, saluyot, sitaw, kalabasa, ampalaya, patani, sangig, to name a few. All mixed in one corner. Because of that, it looks like beans are producing ampalaya and the other way around. LOL….

I can’t imagine when the kalabasa plant will bear fruits. Kalabasa in an ampalaya plant? LOL... Anyway, mama is only after of the young leaves…


Posting this for Green Monday…



  1. yan ang namimiss ko sa amin ang plot at mga tanim sa paligid.

  2. Cute naman ng beggies garden, hindi kaya magkahalo halo ang lasa ng mga bunga, like yung Sitaw,maglasang Ampalaya, lol!

  3. I remember how my mama used to grow a lot of vegetables, too! Sarap nyan kasi preskong-presko! :)

    Springing GREEN Turns White

  4. @Diamond: Kaya pag-uwi mo sa PInas, gulay kainin mo. hehe..

    @Willa:Hehehe.. Sabi ko nga kay mama... Tawa lang sya ng tawa

    @Rare*jonRez: Iba pag pitas sa bakuran Alam mong walang chemicals...

  5. wow na miss ko tuloy yung mga fresh vegies na tanin ng grandparents ko...sarap nyan...

  6. haha..kakanta na sana ako ng bahay kubo, kahit munti, ang halaman doon, ay sari-sari...hehe...oo nga eh! kahit gulay ang mahal na...katwiran nila, mahal ang gasolina pang deliver ng gulay waaaa..

    TY sa visit.

  7. @Designer's Chic: Sarap talaga, healthy pa.

    @Kat: hehehe. Actually napakanta ako while writing this post.

  8. Iba talaga lasa ng fresh...dun sa dati naming tinirahan may lupa kaya fresh ang ampalaya, sitaw at okra :)

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  9. Wow, you got squash and amapalya there which is so hard to grow here. :) My Green Monday Sorry for my late visit today but my post wasn't late. Will be happy to see you in my page though. :)

  10. I can't wait to plant my own vegetables. great entry for Green Monday!

  11. yeah all stuff has skyrocketed these days that's why anything we could do to save up would be great. Even us, my mom planted different veggies in our backyard. Tipid na, healthy living pa

    Enjoy the rest of the week, hope you visit my green entry here too.
    I Love Darly!
    Food and Passion

  12. I so love ampalaya and of course the leaves of kalabasa is delicious too. Thanks for joining.

    Please spare some time to comment on my post

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