The Terrace: A Special Place in Our House

Beside my room is a terrace. It’s a small one, around 40 square ft. in area. It’s especially made as our prayer corner and sort of reflection area. My mother spends her morning ritual there doing Shibashi. It’s a very relaxing place, especially hearing the chirping of the birds and the rustles of the leaves plus the cool air that touches your skin.

We are planning to beautify it by putting indoor plants. I suggested that we’ll install a water fountain. I know the sounds of the water will even make the place more soothing. My mother was thrilled with my idea.

Currently, there are already indoor plants and drift woods. But it still needs improvement. Perhaps, we can rearrange the plants this Holy Week.


  1. na imagine ko kong gaano kaganda ang plano niyong gawin.


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