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Kids were enjoying this new outdoor adventure….. Hmm… should I call this 5-minutes-isolation an adventure??? LOL…. Yes! Isn’t it exciting floating on the water while inside the balloon? They called it BLOB!!! My nieces and nephew loves it! Actually 5 minutes is not enough for them, but they are not allowed to extend or else they will run-out of oxygen. And honestly, I envy them. I was jumping and pleading my sister when I saw it. But my father is giving me a scornful look and saying I’m acting like a kid. LOL…. Hmm, better luck next time when father is nor around! LOL…

My nephew, Jay, feeling the air as it fills the balloon

Excitedly crawling inside the balloon

The twins, reaching out

The three kids inside their isolation balloon


  1. ive never seen this kind of amusement. very nice!
    rianne, have a question about payperpost 4.0, maayo ba na cla. wa pa man ko try ani ggyud. naa man cla daghan leads, so i took them. i dont know what is they pay on time? do you have any experience?

  2. sayon ra kaayo pag upload ug video. adto ka sa youtube kinahanglan naa ka account sa youtube. then itype nimo ang name sa imo song or etc. then mo-appear daghan nga video. then select nimo ang video. at your right side naay box nga naay URL ug below naay gamay nga box embed. ang code nga naa sa embed, maoy kopyaha, dili ang URL. then i-paste nimo sa POST edit html. let me know if you can't.

  3. i will visit you again, to check kon naa na ba ka video sa imo blog.heheh!post then imo favorite song,join me this month post ug love songs. mura ug in-love kaayo,heheheh!

  4. thanks sa advice faye. sa sm davao diay ng blob

  5. ano kaya ang pakiramdam kapag nasa ganyan..


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