Go for $1000+

Excited and nervous – this is what I feel when I withdrew my money from my paypal account. It’s my first time and I do not know if this online banking really works. But I do hope it will!

For 6 months I was able to earn a total of $104.00. This is actually too small compare to some of the bloggers. Confidently this year, it will increase by $1000 (LOL)… that is if I’ll have a good internet connection, then there will be no more missed opps!!!

Since my target earning is quiet big might as well register to other buy blog links networks.

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  1. marianne, wa gyud ayo ang linkfromblog. gamay ra bayad ila opps. nag-register ko last year til now 2 ra gyud ako opps nadawat, then that was 2.50 bucks and 1.25 bucks, until now wala na gyud ko makadawat ug opps. then accumulate sab ila payments 50 bucks at least. then naa pa cla service charge nga 20% everytime imo withdraw imo earnings. which is ridiculous i think. what do you think? have a nice day!

  2. Thanks nurse abie.......
    Supper excited kau ko. hehehe


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