Camera Extender

I consider photos as greatest memorabilia. It tells a thousand stories that can be kept for a lifetime, passing them from generation to generation. Surely you don’t want to miss a single moment of your life. With your camera … smile, pose with the great backdrop behind you, take a wacky pose and click!!! Poof!!! An event had just saved.

But isn’t it great if you capture the moment with your friends or families without someone missing to take the photo? That’s why XShot is created. It is a camera extender that is built with high quality components, that can be extends over 3 feet (37”) long weighing 5 oz only and can be closed to just 9 inches, so carrying it is hassle free.


With XShot, you can take your self portrait without worrying about your arm being in the shot, or looking awkward with a very close-up picture. You do not need to ask stranger to take a photo of yours. And hey, you cannot be sure if that stranger will not run away your precious camera.


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