Lost Connection

It’s been more than a month since I am no more active in the blogosphere. I miss a lot updates of my friends’ blogs … and totally lose connection on them. Although I tried to keep up with my blogs but circumstances arises preventing me from doing so. Until I felt I am being tore apart from the blogosphere.

Now I felt the urge to blog again. Ideas are overflowing on my mind. Words are bouncing inside my skull; As if anytime from now those words will explode.

I’m honestly planning to create a blog about my views in politics; a blog in which I could express my feelings on the events that took place in our country whether it’s the headline or the little things that’s happening around me. These actually keep me boggling for several months. But I honestly do not know when since it’s hard for me to maintain many blogs considering I am not always connected to the internet.

For now…. I lost connection.


  1. good idea..blog for about your view in politics, and many other..hehe


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