I Don't Write Right

If you have read the book Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work then you’ll find the title familiar. I just borrowed it because it applies to me. I don’t write right.

I was hesitant to blog at first because I’m afraid someone will criticize my work. You know I’m very poor in grammar. But hey this is my passion this is my way of pouring what’s inside my brain and in my heart. Otherwise I’ll erupt like a volcano (LOL).

Thanks to my confidence in writing online, I have discovered lot of things – information, techy stuffs, online part time jobs, etc… and of course friends.

I do not care if I don’t write right… Coz’ blogging is my source of joy, fund (LOL) and now one of my motivating factors in doing my other passions (like crafting, reading, etc.).

By the way “I Don’t Write Right” is written by Linda Stafford

Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work

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  1. i am not good in writing especially now i speak dutch everyday.my dutch is better than my english. so my english is gone but i try to share to my family and readers our activities here via blogging.
    gamay ra ako mga opps karon. daghan opps sa inpostlinks pero tag 1 buck ra man oi! dili ko mokuha, kapoy sulat tag 1 buck ra. ikaw musta man ang mga opps.


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