A Purpose Driven Life

Although waking up early is difficult for me, I still volunteered to cook for our breakfast starting last January 18. My father, who cooks for us, is getting older. Although he did not admit to us, I can sense that he is getting weaker. I know he loves to cook for us, but I think it’s high time to repay his service to us; it’s my time to serve him in return. Besides, like my father, I also love to cook.

Waking up early gives me the feeling of being matured and responsible and I am feeling closer to God. I decided to have a 40 day journey to a new me – that is searching my purpose here on earth. Using the book “Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren I hope I’ll be able to understand the meaning of my life and able to answer “Why on earth am I here for?”

Hopefully this time, I’ll be able to finish the book. Because the last time I read it, I was only up to 7th day. (Sigh..)

But congratulate me because I am now on my 9th day…..


  1. so, what is ur breakfast today? musta na ang mga opps?

  2. You have inspired me with your post, Marianne. That is one thing that I need to do... to get up early and to feed my husband early. Iyan ang problema ko eh. We always get up around 9 am, which is I believe is not healthy. Tulong na man dyan, do you have any tips, advice or help on how I can get up early? We always sleep around 2 am, too.
    Salamat. :)


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