Beer for PMS?

I haven’t sleep well for three straight nights because of the sharp, intermittent, cramping pain in my lower abdomen - a sort of pre menstrual syndrome.

Base on my sister’s experience, beer can help taper the bleeding. Although my case was just a PMS, I still requested my mom to buy a beer for me. The beer quenches my thirst that one glass of it seems not enough (but hey I’m not a drinker… LOL). So I end up drinking three glasses of beer.

But when I stand I felt like I was tipsy; I think I’m drunk! LOL…. What I want is just to lie down and sleep. But I tried hard to act normally. I don’t want them to notice the effect of liquor on me. My father would probably get angry. LOL… My mind set indeed helps me. I was even the last person who sleeps that evening.

But around 11:00 pm I was awaken with the familiar cramping in my lower abdomen. I think alcohol is not really that effective. To alleviate the pain I got a bottle of hot water and rolled in the part of my lower abdomen. It really eases the pain.


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