I was not able to update my blog and visit some blogs these past few days because there are things that I need to prioritize. Honestly I’m planning to leave the blogosphere for the meantime because I need to focus on my review. But the thought alone made me miss the whole blogging thing, writing, expressing my feelings or my opinion, blog hopping, and discovering things and interesting people in the blogosphere.

I was a bit disappointed lately because when I visited my blog, Spices of My Life, I discovered that I lost one of my followers. I don’t know, maybe she/he got bored.

This really saddened me..


  1. that seems really sad.. i guess you really don't have to stop posting even during reviews. u can do it on times when ul have enuf feeding ur mind so much. it'll be a therapy..

    cheer up :)

  2. focus sa pag review mo..good luck sa iyo..ang blog ay narito lang..di iyon mawawala..kung mahirap sa iyo na pagsabayin silang dalawa ay iwan mo muna ang blog tapos balik ka kapag tapos na ang exam..may naisulat na ako para sa request mo at ngayong buwan ay ipost ko iyon..pagsabihan kita kapag na ipost ko na..

  3. mar, musta. you have to take a break if you don't feel like blogging anymore. focus on your review.
    good luck!

  4. mar, this week duha ra gyud ako opps nadawat, mingaw kaayo.ikaw?

  5. Thanks to the words of encouragement....


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