Fruit Shakes

If I have to choose what drink will complement my meals, it would be fruit shakes. Aside from the fact that it’s nutritious it is also refreshing especially now that summer is heating up. Hmmm… I can’t help imagining myself under the heat of the sun along the beach with a fruit shake on my hand plus the protein bars. Mouthwatering!!! LOL....

Fruit shake is easy to do and there are wide varieties of fruits you can mix just to create a thirst quenching shakes. Even vegetables will do. Yes vegetables! Such as uncooked sayote (vegetable pear) plus milk and a little bit of sugar or honey… This is really awesome. Try it for yourself.

One of my favorite, which we always had in our meal, is the carrot-mango fruit shake. I really love it! But some of my nieces and nephews hate it because of the grated carrots. So they have to use strainer first in order to separate the grated carrots and the juice. They just don’t know that the juice is healthier with grated carrots in it. It cleanses the digestive system because of its fiber. But I have heard that too much intake of carrots will make your skin and eyes yellowy, I don’t now how valid it is. But from what I have learned too much of everything is not good. That’s why there should be a balance diet. Anyway there are many ways of creating fruit shakes. It’s just a sort of experimenting.

Here in Davao, as the Fruit Basket of the Philippines, we are so blessed to have bounty of tropical fruits which we can choose from to make really easy and refreshing fruit shakes.


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