Need a Translator

Comments? I love comments.

It’s already part of my morning routine to check my e-mails both in my yahoomail and gmail accounts. I usually get email from Lina of informing job openings, opportunities to do advertising, and seldomly – comments of my blogs from different bloggers. The latter will always made me feel excited. Because comments (except for spam comments) signify that my post has been read.

But I have received a couple of comment which I could not decipher 'coz it’s in Japanese or Chinese [?] language. I don’t know if it’s positive or negative comments. I need to look for online translation or a translators who can help me translate the words. For me to at least screen the comment and delete it if needed

Anyway, these comments are one of my inspirations why I keep on blogging. It spices my life….


  1. wow nice posting .. hope you see my bali information post

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