Key Logger: A Computer Monitoring Device

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Surely, internet had a great impact to everybody. It made life easier: online shopping, online banking, online transactions, different online services, etc…Indeed, internet shrinks the world in a size of a laptop. 

However, one of the downside of the internet is that users abuse the usage of it. It’s been an issue in different offices: doing unnecessary activities during work hours - chatting, uploading photos, visiting social networks or other websites. Experts have created different ways in controlling such activities, such as blocking websites that are not related to office works and installing software that could monitor activities in the computer. The latter is more suggestive since you can easily track the activities done in a particular computer including games or even doing word processing. There are many software and hardware available to do this. One of this, which I considered as the best is the key logger Stealth iBot Computer spy, wherein you’ll be able to monitor the activities done in a certain computer without giving a hint that the user is being spied.
How it works? 

Upon inserting the key logger 1 GB USB Flash drive, installation process will take about 10 seconds. After removing safely the Stealth iBot Computer Spy, the software will operate silently, able to capture the activities done in the computer, without giving a hint to the user that he/she was spied since the software is embedded to the operating system. It will then record all the activities done in a computer, able to capture up to 10,000 screenshots down to intervals of every 3 seconds. And there is no need to remain plugging the key logger to the unit thus user cannot detect that she/he was being spied.

To get the captured screenshots, insert the Stealth iBot flash drive then download the captured information and, voila!, in less than 10 seconds you get the information needed.


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