It's Back!!!

Wee!!! Finally the color of the links is back. I’m thinking of changing my template. But when I saw the colored-blue link was back to its original then I think I won’t change the template… maybe after a year…

I love this template, from Final Sense, because of its color – it’s very refreshing to the eyes. I also love the girl on the header, that’s supposed to be me. But I do not know how to change it. LOL

Actually I bump to three other blogs that uses this template… Maybe If I’ll learn how to edit the codes then I’ll create my own template. I want to have a unique one. But for the meantime I’ll use this neat, refreshing colored light moss template.


  1. hirap mag change ng template minsan nawawala pa ibang widgets at di ko na alam ibalik. waahhh.


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