Headaches... Headaches...Headaches.....

I have observed some signs that the performance of my eyes are already declining; blurred vision, I am constantly having headaches and sometimes feeling nauseated. I have consulted this to an optometrist two years ago and found out that I have astigmatism and advised me to get a pair of eye glasses; but I ignored her because I felt that she’s not that reliable. (LOL… sorry doc!)

Actually I did not go to her clinic intentionally; I do not even know her. I was looking for a doctor at that time who can gave me medical certificate to support my absent from my work because I looked for another job that day. LOL… Luckily I found her small dusty clinic beside the road located in a subdivision where I stayed and decided to consult her with my constant headaches. Oopps!!! I honestly felt this sickness a long time ago. This is not an excuse. LOL… And so she concluded that I have astigmatism.

This time it’s not a joke anymore. My head is constantly aching, I think due to my too much exposure to the computer monitor’s radiation. Computer is part of my job; it has been my partner since I started working.

I think I need to see an optometrist. If there’s nothing wrong with my eyes then maybe I’ll use an eye wear that would at least protect me from computer radiation.


  1. I understand your headaches may be from your eyesight but there are other possibilities too. In their book, Heal Your Headache: the 1-2-3 Program for Taking Charge of Your Pain, by David Buchholz and Stephen G. Reich M.D. state that all headaches are variations of the same thing. We’ve just decided categorize them into different headings based on how they manifest themselves.
    Although they’ve had great success altering diet to fix headaches, I’ve had great success at correcting musculoskeletal causes of neck pain and headaches. It turns out it’s quite simple for most people. This is outlined in my book, Fixing You: Neck Pain & Headaches.
    Because of this and other items I’ve read, I believe that headaches are a threshold phenomenon. What I mean by this is above a certain threshold of stress, we experience headaches. Three of the stresses that can cause us to break this threshold are dietary, musculoskeletal, and psychological.
    Some people are more sensitive to certain stresses than others. Keeping any one or all three of these stressors under control seems to relieve all types of headaches. I’ve also posted two tests for neck pain and headaches on YouTube if you’re interested.

    Rick Olderman

  2. Thanks for the tips rick..

    Hi Faye!!! Yes I love the design of the eyeglasses

  3. Thanks for the tips rick..

    Hi Faye!!! Yes I love the design of the eyeglasses


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