General Cleaning

This is the day!

I’m done with my projects; finally semester ends. I now have time with my room which needs cleaning – GENERAL CLEANING I must say. It was planned a long time ago but I was not able to do it because of my projects.

Right after the mass, I washed the curtains and beddings. Although I’m pretty tired after washing the files of laundry, but I decided to continue as what I planned for that day after seeing all the mess, cab webs, and dusts inside our room. We emptied the room; vacate all things in another room. We sort the things left by my cousins and niece who stayed with us during their college days and left files of papers and cloths. I don’t know if it’s worth keeping. All I can see are garbage being kept on our cabinet which became the habitat of some pests. These pests are actually invading our room!

I can see lots of eggs of cockroaches and traces of termites attack in our flooring and walls. In no time, these termites may succeed their invasion. LOL…. I sprayed insecticide inside our cabinets and all over the room. Good thing our rustic bedroom furniture is made of hardwood that was built to last.

Honestly I’m tired my feet as well as my back ache. I have to continue cleaning it tomorrow. Meantime we’ll be sleeping in my parent’s room, besides I hate the smell of insecticides.


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