My Epilin Experience

I have scary hairy legs. LOL… I hate the thick curly bush of hair growing in lower portion of my legs. It’s the reason why I don’t wear shorts. My boyfriend even teased me that my legs are manlier than him.

I tried different cream hair remover but it doesn’t really work to me after a week it will only grow back. Shave is also the same. Worst is when it grows back it’s really itchy leaving marks of scratch in my legs. I also tried pulling it individually. The tingly pain is bearable yet it took me longer to pull the “weeds” in my legs. LOL…. Of all the three, cream remover is the easiest and best temporary solution.

Often I would think of have it permanently removing it through laser. But I know it’s super expensive. Besides I’ve seen in TV the result of failed treatment making the legs of the victim scarier than having a hairy leg. It was permanently damage.

I read from an article in the Star newspaper about Epilin as an effective remover of hair. It will weaken the root and eventually prevent hair from growing…. So I try! But never succeeded to my mission…


Heating the Epilin. I thought it’s like a wax, but it’s actually hard..


Yummy honey!? No.. it’s the Epilin cooling it to a bearable temperature.


Spreading it unto my legs. About 1" x 3". Waiting for 10 minutes or until the Epilin dries.

My hair was already trimmed to easily pull the hair.

Ready for stripping!!!! Ouch!!! (I have no picture of it.) I was screaming and screaming while pulling the hardened Epilin. And my niece was curious and tried to pull it without noticing her. And I screamed at the top of my lungs… Ooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccchhhh!

I can’t bear the pain anymore so I stopped. Maybe I’ll continue doing it. When I’m alone.


See the hair? No not the hair on my skin. But the hair stuck on the hardened Epilin.


  1. Yan masakit to. I've see mga arabo here nagpapathreading. Mas painful ata yon.

  2. @ gingerSnap: Correct! super sakit. Naluha nga ako sa sobrang sakit.

  3. I like your blogs its very informative. I too have a small grown hair in my legs I want this to disappear I want to try that epillin? where can I bought that?

  4. @ Cresentlady: Thanks for the compliment. I bought it at Watson store.

  5. applying generous amounts of baby powder onto the skin before waxing does help. :) I use epilin also :)

  6. yar i agree with Ney, I'm also using the same product and i've used a baby powder before waxing. It doesn't hurt that much :)


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