Getting Your Own Domain and Self-Hosted Blog

Blogging - not just as an online diary or for entertainment, it is also known as way of earning money online through writing articles or creating a review of certain product or website. But getting opportunities are really tough. With the million bloggers out there, one should create a blog that should stand out or at least own a blog with high page rank. But having high page rank is not yet enough to get opportunities from advertisers. Most advertisers prefer blogs or sites that are self-hosted and have its own domain.

For blogger or blogspot user, you can have a costume domain name which you can purchase from the blogger site itself. This is the easiest way of acquiring your own domain name because they will do all the technical needs of the transition of your old URL to your new domain name. Blogger will still host your site for free. But if you opt to purchase domain and host from other web hosting sites I suggest you do the research first and read webhosting reviews. So you have an idea of what you are getting into.

It is expected that when you have your new domain name your page rank will go back to zero. So it’s important to update your followers and friends on your links about your new URL


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