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I was complaining of headaches recently. I think this is due to almost eight hours of working in front of the computer. My colleague is suggesting that I should wear eyeglasses. But I don’t think eyeglasses looks good on me. I tried my mom’s eyeglasses once and I hate the way I look. I look like 10 years older than my age. Beside I have teeth braces right now and I may look like Betty la Fea. LOL….


I prefer wearing contact lenses. I envy my colleague every time I look at her sparkling contact lenses on her eyes. It can really enhance beauty. If I’ll purchase, I’m still in thinking whether I choose natural color or try the different colors. If I have lots of money then maybe I’ll invest to different colors offered by farbige Kontaktlinsen to match my dresses and moods. But ya, I know spending for different contact lenses is just a luxury, unless I need it for my acting career… By the way I’m not an actress. I’m just a simple lady, the girl next door who only needs one pair of contact lenses.LOL....

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  1. i still like the traditional glasses bcoz i'm afraid to wear lenses for i might leave it on my eyes upon sleeping. we sell different fashion contacts but i never get to try even a pair.

  2. you might wanna check on RARA GEO CONTACT LENSES @FB, if in case u decide to wear one. naadvertise pa tlg hano, hehe. tnx

  3. I love contact lenses. I used that before but I am kinda clumsy so I better avoid using it. Eye glasses is enough:)
    health is riches

  4. @ Imriz: Yun din and downside ng contact lense. Ako pa naman i-mahilig sa tulog was nakahiga na, wala na tulog na agad. hehehe...
    I might visit Rara Geo Contact Lenses. But I have to consult a doctor muna

    @stephen: I'm also clumsy. sa start lang ako maingat sa gamit ko. ehehhehe

  5. I prefer to wear contact lens than wearing eyeglasses. Sagabal sa work ang eyeglasses. Just make sure you have lubrican always on your desk to refresh your eyes during working hours. ;)

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