L'Oreal for My Dry Wavy hair

Dry hair Bad hair day as usual… (sigh). I cannot understand my hair. I already take a super extra care of it: hot oil every weekend and intense conditioning every day. But it’s still unmanageable no matter how I comb it. Even hair cuticle coat won’t work.

Straightening it is one of the solutions. My sister prohibited me from doing so because it may damage my hair. But I know with hair experts my hair would be taken care and will look healthier.

I don’t loathe my wavy hair. I love it! It’s just that sometimes I look like I didn’t comb my hair at all; dry and unmanageable! I think I need to apply hair cream to make it look healthier. Loreal professional have many hair products that I wanted to try. I’ve seen Anne Curtis promotion of L'Oreal shampoo and I simply adore her rich and healthy wavy hair.


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