Christmas Greeting E-card from Sulit

I’m an avid member and follower of It’s actually an online market where business minded individual gathers to buy and sell. There are also members who promote different legit sites to earn online. has greatly influenced me in many ways. The exchange business ideas in their forum gave me a lot of ideas. The success stories of different sulitizens (member or sulit), inspired me to continue my endeavor on online earnings.

Truly, this year is a prosperous year to all sulitizens. wishes a blessed Christmas to all Sulitizens. Merry Christmas ka-sulit!



  1. thanks for visiting my site..wanna exchange links?

  2. yan, musta!
    bahin sa domain name, di ko recommend sa akong provider kay pwerte kong problemaha ato akong provider. sulayi ang godaddy kay daghan nakasulay sa godaddy then you pay via paypal. pangutana ni fe sa Fe's Journey of Life kay sa godaddy iyang domain name. kon naa nakay domain name u have to start all over again from the very beginnning. your PR will go back to zero. you must use the new url, so i-change nimo ang url nga imo gi-register sa mga advertisers like inpostlinks, payperpost etc. sa bag-o nimo nga url.
    Ang akong pr wa pa gyud nibalik, zero lang gihapon.
    good luck!

  3. hi yan, I just got ur message in my blog. About domain, I purchase it sa Actually hindi ako yung nag set up sa domain, ako lang ang nagpurchase pero yung cousin ko ang nag set up for the settings because i dont know how. Takes weeks nga e saka ko nagamit, kung di napadaan cousin ko i guess di ko magamit yung domain ko. But I heard from Grace na tag iya sa AMazing grace, mas dali daw kung sa blogger r ka magbuy ug domain. Nakaask man pud ko sa iya about sa godaddy, pero sa blogger xa nag purchase, dali r daw. Ako man gud wla nako choice magchange ato na time kay nakapurchase nako sa godaddy.

  4. @ fe and Faye: thanks for the advice.

    @xander: sure i'll ad your link

    @simply kim: is really interesting. I learned a lot from the site

  5. Hi.. i bought domain sa go daddy but until now naka park pa ang name coz lisod kau and pag install. I tried to ask assistance from other bloggers but unsuccessful man. Why not buy sa blogger nalang. Go to your dashboard and click publishing. Then click customize.. choose your domain name then payment is through visa or master card. If you have eon card then the better .it's do easy as 123..

    PS :
    Hehehehehe... I dreamed of you last night teaching one on one how to buy dommain sa blogger .weird! Hehehehe

  6. Hello Yannie, I like this Slit Card. Thanks for dropping a comment:)


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