How “Tao Chi” Got His Name

cheeky We owned a Japanese Peach dog before. It’s our first time to own a purchase dog. Usually we had an “askal’ breed dog given by friends. To my mom, buying a puppy is already a luxury. But she can’t say no because it was my brother who bought it.

We were confused at first what to name on the puppy. We were thinking of different Japanese Dog Names that time and finally named it “Tao Chi” which sounds more like Chinese. LOL…

How she got her name?

“Tao” is from the word THOUsand because Tao Chi cost more than a thousand. And to make it sound like Japanese (that turned out to be like Chinese) we added the “Chi”. LOL….


Hmmmm…. This made me miss her and Cheeky….


  1. love the history of the dogs name. .So cute and adorable, love to love!
    health is riches


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