Beating the Deadline

I was so busy last night, finishing my three bring home exams, studying for another exam, preparing for my report, and doing some assignments. Whew!!! That’s the prize of procrastination! LOL… I told ya, it’s hard to get rid of something that’s already in your system. But I’m trying hard to change it. LOL…. 

Anyway, I was still able to finish all the tasks needed to be done. And thanks God, my examination grades are okay as well as my report.  

Now I can relax, sleep earlier, and recharge myself.


  1. You are not just the only one who is guilty of procrastination sis. Count me in. hehe

  2. Hi Marriane...I've never seen a movie Sassy girl...hehe...never heard of it too...

    My "SassyChick" alias came from my hubby when he was still my fiance...sobrang sassy daw me...hehe


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