I received an email confirming that I am now a certified blogger for Blogvertise. Yepey!!! In less than 24 hours they approved my blog. That’s the fastest based on my experiences on other blog advertising networks. 

Advertise On This Blog

Blogvertise is a blog advertising network. All you need to do is just keep on buzzing!!! You write a review for a certain products or services and they will pay you for your effort. Isn’t that great? But first you must have a 60 days old blog and have it register at Blogvertise. And it's absolutely free!!!!


  1. Congrats my friend, hope you make dolar here. :D

  2. thanks dana!!! I need to earn extra money! hehe

  3. Congrats!I've an account there too!

  4. my blog is also approved last july 13 but i don't receive any opps yet. what should i do?

  5. i was also approved on blogsvertise but up to now i still have "0" task. it's been two weeks already :(

    hope you can visit my blogs and add me up :)

    My Baby RJ
    My Blogbook


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