A Reunion

It started at friendster.

A girl named Jocelyn asked me to add her up. She’s telling me that we have the same family name and assumes that we’re relatives. I don’t actually ignore and neglect those who are requesting to be my friend so I added her.

A week later, Jocelyn sends a friendster message to me. I did not read it right away. I thought it was just an ordinary message like “Thanks for adding me up” or just a “hi” and “hello” exchange.

It was just last Friday when I decided to open my account and look some new updates of my friends. Actually I already forgot about the message. Until I browse my inbox and finally decided to read it.
My father, at the right most.
This is probably the picture why Jocelyn concluded that we're relatives

I’m really surprised when Jocelyn introduces herself to me. She presumed that were relatives. She saw the picture of my father on my account and told me that my father looks like her uncle in Cebu. She told me in her message the name of her father and wanted to contact him. And Jocelyn is indeed my cousin – my long lost cousin.

Jocelyn parents were separated a long time ago. I do not know when? But according to my sister they were too young then, probably I was not yet born at that time. 

But here’s what really touches me. 

Last June 22 my uncle, Jocelyn’s father, was confined in ICU because of high blood. He confessed to my mother that he wanted to talk with his children. We do not know their address or their contact numbers.  

But God is really good.

God answered my uncle’s prayer. He probably sends angels to work it out. Jocelyn’s message was very timely. So when my family learned about our communication my father immediately called her up and told my relatives about the good news. The whole family was exuberating with happiness. 

I think Jocelyn had already forgiven my uncle. So last Saturday, July 4, Jocelyn called my uncle. That same day the whole family was busy exchanging calls and text messages about the good news.

I know my uncle was very happy….

God has really a perfect timing…. When wounds were already healed… then forgiveness will follow.
Just a piece of advice: Guys, don’t lock your friendster’s profile you’ll never know you’ll be an instrument to somebody’s life. Like me! 


  1. Nice story. Yah, God never sleep.

  2. that is good thanks for the comment

  3. God is really good. He knows the desires of our hearts. A touching true story.

  4. wooah! ang gling ang gling! A very nice and inspiring story. who would've believe friendster will be the way. Napapabilib talaga aq n God. Amen! :D

  5. I love reunion. God always find a way.

  6. How beautiful that that happened when it did! So glad your uncle was able to connect with your cousin!


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