A Cure for PWP Disease

Napoleon Hill - "What ever the mind can conceive, and believe, the mind can achieve. "

I agree with the power of mind. And I think this is one remedy for my PWP ailment. (For those who haven’t read my post about the PWP disease, PWP is Pessimism, Worrying, and Procrastination.) 

Now I’m converting this PWP into something positive.

Starting today, July 13, 2009, I will apply this mind exercise

THINK that 


 I will THINK
PASTER (Faster…. Hehehe..)
I would like to thank those who have left words of encouragement. A bunch of thank you!!!


  1. Hi Marianne, thanks for visiting my blog.

    I see myself in you too most of the time but i realized that i was just being a bratt. It's quite a long story too that you may not understand but dear self acclaimed ailments like PWP is like a trap where no one can save yourself but you. Of course one at a time. Healing is a process too but you can do it, just believe in yourself.

    Hope you have a wonderful day today ;)

  2. <argunbdg.com> hi marianna... i like your blog :-)


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