Bad Hair Day

I always had a bad hair day. It’s totally unmanageable – dry, fussy and flies away!!!! Sometimes I’m tempted to go to parlor and have it straightened. But I know it will only last for 6 months and will only destroy my hair. Besides fake straight hair looks stiff. What I want is something that is voluminous and every strands of my hair follows where I want them to place. LOL
Genetically, I’m really bound to have a hair like this. LOL… My father’s hair is curly while my mother’s is straight. I’m even luckier according to my sisters, because among 7 siblings I was the only one with a wavy hair (almost straight); blessed enough because all of them are curly and one of them has kinky curly hair. LOL... Well it doesn’t mean I don’t like curly hair. I love curly hair. I just hate my uncontrollable hair, and I feel very untidy with it.
I think I’m going to blame my older sisters. When I was young I have a very soft straight hair. But my sisters destroyed it. Grrrrr ……. LOL… They are fond with my hair and played with it, perhaps because I was an innocent youngest child in our family. They curled it using stalks of cassava leaves or broomstick. I tell you, it’s effective for curling hair and I honestly love it. LOL… And I really felt pretty with it. LOL….. But of course it is only good for one day. So to satisfy their pleasure they sent me to parlor and have it curled. Have you seen one of the characters in Peanuts (picture seen below)? That’s what my hair exactly look like; curled in the front/bangs area then the rest is straight or sometimes curly bangs and curly tips of my hair. Figured it out? Promise, as a naïve child, I love my hairdo. LOL….. 

Now, whom should I blame with my almost every day bad-hair-day? Genetics or my sister’s fondness? LOL….. 

P.S. I love my sisters…..


  1. It sounds like we have the same sad story... but I blamed mine on my moving here in Michigan.


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