Fighting the So-called PWP

I’m sick. I don’t know when it started. It’s only  few months ago when I discovered that I have ailment. And it’s getting worse. But according to some experts I could still recover from it. It will take me a lot of medication that requires me a lot of cooperation. 

I must admit. It’s hard to get rid from it, especially that it is already in my system. But I want changes in my life. And I, could only be the solution to this sickness. 

It could be contagious. Especially when you are emotionally weak, so beware! 

I was diagnosed with a disease called PWP. I know it’s unfamiliar to you. It’s what I called PESSIMISM, WORRYING, and PROCRASTINATION.

It’s like a domino effect. 

I am very PESSIMISTIC person. I can easily see a dot on a clean white bond paper. Meaning in every situation I can easily think of negative consequences in my imagination, because I WORRY a lot. And because I’m worried and thinking negatively, then PROCRASTINATION comes in. I find it hard to decide for something because I considered a lot of things and I worried a lot. 

Because of this, I missed a lot of opportunity. And I felt I am left behind.

But I’m willing to move on and open to changes. According to my councilor, my dear mother, it’s good that I recognized the problem. It’s actually the first step to my journey out from being captivated to this ailment. 

I’m currently under medication. This blogging thing is a great help to me. I’m also reading self help books, but of course it’s up to me if I’ll follow the advices from the experts. 


For your info: PWP a diseased diagnosed by the author herself. hehe..


  1. are you serious? wooah.
    I can relate w/ ur situation.
    I am also pessimistic most of the time. I was just curious when did you get that illness? malala b yan? I guess, starting today try to be more strong and always pray. It can be a big help. God bless. Hope you'll recover soon. :D

  2. Joni, Thanks for the word of encouragement. Hehehehe...

    Di ko nga alam kun saan galing tong sakit na 'to. Pero I'm trying to change. Whew!!!!!

  3. I've experience that too but I transcend to that kind of situation. mahirap pero makakaya mo rin yan huwag kang susuko. look into the brighter side, think of happy thoughts and always think positive. Last but not the least PRAY. It's effective and powerful than pills God bless u I'll pray for you.

  4. thnks 4 dropping by! am fine.
    It seems that u r not fine. Can i ask u something about ur life? based on what u have written you are pessimistic, is this something to do with ur childhood or teenage life? sorry, am just curious. there are many factors why u feel like this.
    hope to understand you more.

  5. HI faye!!! Thanks for asking.

    I really don't know why I'm so pessimistic. I can't remember any childhood experiences or trauma that lead me to this kind of attitude.

    I'm even asking my mother during the time when she was pregnant with me. But she can't remember any.

    Anyway thanks for the concern.


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