Online Shopping Center

 “I can’t get my eyes over you,…..  
 Can’t stop my hands holding you…. …. Ooohhh…. ”  

(tune of I Can’t Get My Eyes Over You)
And ...

(tune of Old Mc Donald)
And a click, click here
Click, Click there
Everywhere I click, click

Oh my!!!!! 

Hey I’m singing. LOL

Well that’s what I exactly feel when I was doing window shopping online this morning. I can’t get my eyes looking at the items and I can’t stop holding my mouse and clicking its links going to my favorite items like arts and craft materials, accessories, home and garden, techy stuffs, collectibles and memorabilia, etc. They offered wide variety of items that is being categorized. It’s like a department store right on your screen. They just don’t sell; they also give information, tips and guides. Somewhat like a tutorial. Then perhaps I will visit this site often to get some tips on crafting.  

Did I mention collectibles? Oh yes! I almost forgot what I wrote. LOL…. I’m so engrossed with the products. You know I collected stones before and I saw some awesome stones in this online shop. If I have plenty of money I’m pretty sure I can’t stop myself spending. LOL…..

But, hey! I’m a wise spender. I know with this online shop I’m buying items that is useful and what I do really love and will make me happy and others perhaps. And I bet two shopping carts are not enough. Hmmmm… How about A container van? LOL….


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