My Way of Saving Money.

   Going Ethnic... my piggy bank ...It's not a pig!!! LOL... I don't know what to call this craft..

1. I follow a very simple formula: SALARY – SAVINGS = EXPENSES. My mother always stressed out that it’s important to save money.

2. My budget for expenses is separated. One envelope for my daily allowance, another envelope – budget for my necessities, for my schooling, for emergency, and of course one envelope for charity.

3. When buying things I always asked myself, “is this a need or a want?” But usually I end up buying nothing. You see, I’m a very frugal person. The things that I find hard to resist are art materials. LOL… But I considered it as my awards. Remember: we have to reward ourselves (LOL).

By the way I have a separate blog for my artworks. The picture above is actually one of my artworks…. Feel free to visit.

4. I buy groceries in bulk and items that are on sale or if there are promos.
5. I opt to hike rather than riding trsikad or tricycle.
6.  Extra coins in my pocket  will automatically go to my piggy  bank.


  1. weee. It's cute and unique. :D

  2. HI!
    when i was in the phils. i used to have a notebook where i wrote all my expenses of the day. at the end of the month, i couldn't believe how much money i spent.

  3. Hi! Faye, I also have my notebook for my daily expenditures. It helps me trackdown my expenses and evaluate if I spent too much.

  4. nice piggy..err...ethnic jar bank! heehee..


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