A Date with BF

My boyfriend and I had a great time today. We seldom see each other because he is working in the southern part of Davao and I’m in the northern part.

• We attended mass at the Divine Mercy Chapel. A place I considered one of my favorite; aside from the fact that our family is a devotee of Divine Mercy I also love the place because it’s located along the seashore. A place that reminds me of one my dreams that is to own a 5 to 10 hectares property along the seaside. With a recreational area, where people can spend special occasions; Part of it is the Family’s rest house where we can spend our summer and Christmas vacations; and part of it is a retreat place , a place tof reflect so mainly this includes a chapel.

The Divine Mercy Chapel. (click to enlarge the pic and view the beach)

Whew!!! Dreams... dreams... Dreams...

Back to reality...

• Then we played bowling. And as usual I won in the first game and came only second on the rest of the games. (poor me... LOL) . But I’m proud of myself because I strike the pinball on our second game. Yahooo!

• Of course my boyfriend can’t afford to send me home without filling my tummy. So we end up our day with a sumptuous dinner.


  1. wow. sweet. :)

    hindi dn kami mdalas mgkita ng bf ko cause he's busy on his studies. It's okay naman for me. bsta laging my communication and lging updated s ngya2ri s bwat isa. right? ^_^

  2. Congrats for your nice sweet date. :)

  3. oh.. BF?? haha... why is that most of the bloggers I meet here in the blogosphere....have BF... especially...JONI REI...hahaha!! XP

    nice... date, huh?
    I wish I can experience that too.. with Joni.. hahaha!! *joke only! Joni

    btw, the product... it's a food supplement... antioxidant...
    it's nice... and it has many studies on it.. safe and pure natural..
    check that... :)

    thanks for visiting my blog... ;)

  4. wow!!! date. when is the next date?:)

  5. Ang sweet naman! hehe. Inggit ako.


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