Judge It! (Updated)

I was invited to judge in a poster making contest last Saturday. I was hesitant at first since it’s my first time to judge a competition. However, I’m thrilled with the opportunity. Besides, it’s about poster making!!!! It’s about ART!!! I believe I’m capable to do my job and do the best decision.

Honestly I felt intimidated during the competition proper because two of the jurors were already experts and have been gone to national competition while I, was only a contestant during my high school years (Please don’t bother to ask me if I won. Hahaha…. ). Good thing it wasn’t hard to judge since there were only four contestants.

Anyway, I and the other jurors have a unanimous decision. (Guess who got the first place?)
Sorry for the poor quality of pic.
As I said, three of us (jurors) have unanimous decision.
1st place goes to entry no. 4
2nd - entry no. 3
3rd - entry no. 2
4th - entry no. 1


  1. I choose number two as the winner.

  2. woow! nice! kailangan tlga s mga poster making n gnyan mgaling mgkulay e. bsta mgnda kulay md2la n ung drawing. agree? ^_^ prng mgnda ung #3 d q ganu maaninaw e.hehe


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